Powerful Chiropractic Presentations

There are eleven fully scripted chiropractic presentations available in the ‘PCP’ range. Every one of the PCP chiropractic talks are designed to provide you with the knowledge and the tools to hold an informative and impacting chiropractic presentation to groups both within your clinic, perhaps as your 'Spinal Care Class', and also to specific "target groups" within your community.

We do understand that holding a chiropractic talk within your community or within your clinic can perhaps for some be a rather daunting prospect. However the fully scripted chiropractic presentations available here make the task of holding a chiropractic talk so easy. The benefits to your practice of holding chiropractic talks as part of your chiropractic marketing just cannot be overstated. The potential to generate tens, even hundreds of new patients from doing chiropractic talks is enormous. For this reason, holding a chiropractic talk should be an essential component of your chiropractic patient education system.

These are the very chiropractic talks that Dr. Glenn Maginness has presented literally hundreds of times in his community (and in his practice as spinal care classes) to generate huge numbers of child (and adult) new patients through his doors. These chiropractic talks are tried and tested. Get 10, 20, sometimes 30 new patients ... from just the one chiropractic talk!

    Each chiropractic CD includes the four essential components which, when combined together, guarantee a successful result each and every time you hold a chiropractic presentation.
  1. Firstly and most importantly there is the Powerpoint slide presentation.
  2. This is supported by an easy to follow script (in word document format).
  3. There is also a letter to send to your target group to organise your chiropractic talk.
  4. As well as a letter to send to the group in the days following your chiropractic talk.
  5. Each chiropractic presentation can be very easily modified to suit your requirements for each individual chiropractic talk you hold, both in terms of content and duration.


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